Please note the 2018 bare-rooted rose season is now closed.  A selection of potted roses will be available for delivery from the 15th October 2018

The 2019 bare root season ‘pre-orders’ will be available from Mid/Late December 2018.

rose is a woody perennial flowering plant of the genus Rosa, in the family Rosaceae, or the flower it bears. There are over a hundred species and thousands of cultivars. They form a group of plants that can be erect shrubs, climbing or trailing with stems that are often armed with sharp prickles / thorns. Flowers vary in size and shape and are usually large and showy, in colours ranging from white through yellows and reds. Most species are native to Asia, with smaller numbers native to Europe, North America, and northwestern Africa. Species, cultivars and hybrids are all widely grown for their beauty and often are fragrant. Roses have acquired cultural significance in many societies. Rose plants range in size from compact, miniature roses, to climbers that can reach seven meters in height. Different species hybridise easily, and this has been used in the development of the wide range of garden roses.

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